As a former athlete, I am willing to provide guidance along with the proper training to push all athletes beyond the next level. I will work with anyone desiring to embark on a new health and wellness journey, those interested in losing weight, or those who want to simply build muscular strength and endurance.

Although my specialty is in athletics, I also work with active aging and rehab clients, sports related injury rehabilitation, children of all ages, and those who need additional nutritional advice. My clients also include but are not limited to; obese/diabetic clients, deconditioned individuals, and those just coming out of physical therapy.

As a Fitness Therapist, my clients also include those with traumatic brain injuries, cognitive skills impairment, autism, MS, ataxia, and Parkinson’s.

My training/therapy style allows me to use what I have learned over the years as well as what I’ve experienced through my own personal journey to help you accomplish your goals. I will tailor your program to your specific needs and ensure that we eliminate those nagging exercise related injuries along the way.

Allow me to put the fun back into fitness and show you how it could be an easy process and not the complicated one that keeps you away from achieving your health and wellness goals.

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great


  • Certificate III & IV personal trainer
  • 2 Years Experience
  • Certified First Aid & CPR
  • BWL Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting
  • Level 1 Award in Strenght & Conditioning


Crossfit Coach




Englisch, French


12 years


Heavy squats






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    Ahmad Samaha
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