Shane has been in the health and wellness/rehabilitation field for over 5 years and is willing to work with anyone desiring to make a life change in their health and wellness journey. His background includes working with clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and other significant life altering accidents. He also works diligently with active aging and rehab clients as well as those of you who are seeking healthy eating alternatives to better your wellness.

Shane’s training style is to accommodate your health and wellness needs, develop workouts that fit your fitness goals, and give you just enough of a motivational push to accomplish all goals. His methods include but are not limited to full body training and high intensity interval training along with a focus on balance, stability, and flexibility.

By utilizing his vast knowledge and past personal experience, he can help you to overcome life’s obstacles by using fitness as the tool it was meant to be! His motto is, “you don’t always get what you wish for but, you can surely get what you work for”!

Of course it’s hard. It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great


  • Certificate III & IV personal trainer
  • 2 Years Experience
  • Certified First Aid & CPR
  • BWL Level 1 Award in Coaching Weight Lifting
  • Level 1 Award in Strenght & Conditioning


Fitness Coach




Englisch, French


12 years


Heavy squats






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