Demond Johnson

  • Owner of A2 Fitness Fitness Professionals
  • AFAA, AFPA, IFA Certified Personal Fitness Trainer 12+ years
  • Retired US Army with 20+ years
  • US Army Master Fitness Trainer
  • US Army Weight Control Program Coordinator
  • US Army Combatives Instructor
  • Lead BJJ Trainer A2 Fight Club

About Demond

I will work with anyone desiring to embark on a new health and wellness journey, those interested in losing weight, or those who want to simply build muscular strength and endurance.

This includes: obese clients, deconditioned individuals, those going through back and shoulder rehabilitation, expecting mothers, clients with diabetes and asthma, as well as youth clients.

I also work diligently with active aging and rehab clients as well as those of you who are seeking healthy eating alternatives to better your wellness.

My methods include some of the very same of which I learned and used while working with NBC's The Biggest Loser and its former contestants. These include but are not limited to bootcamp based training, resistance, plyometric and biomechanics training.

I have been fortunate to work alongside a long list of who's who in the world of health and wellness. I have been featured on NBC's The Biggest Loser and continue to train and mentor many TBL alumni throughout their health and wellness journey. I have also ventured out to assist the ABC network with Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition where I am currently preparing a contestant for this upcoming season.

My primary goal as an instructor and personal trainer as well as CEO is to improve health and wellness of the Greater Ann Arbor Community while at the same time teaching all essential tasks that go hand in hand with such. I strongly believe that this can be achieved by making each and every exercise experience a social, fun, and physically rewarding one. I make sure that everyone leaves one hundred percent satisfied.

Community Involvement

Being a part of the Ann Arbor and Michigan community for only six years, Demond's impact as the CEO of A2 Fitness Professionals has been nothing short of phenomenal. In his time here, he has become actively involved with many groups in efforts to better the community's overall health and wellness. Some of these groups include:

  • University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Community Outreach Program — Member of a board of speakers for active research
  • National Kidney Foundation of Michigan — Sponsors and actively participates in events
  • American Heart Association — Awarded the Gold Community and Gold Workplace Innovation Awards and also speaks on their board
  • Packard Health — Health and wellness trainer
  • NuStep, Inc. — Health and wellness trainer
  • Eisenhower Center — Health and wellness trainer
  • Strength and conditioning training with varsity athletes from many high schools in the surrounding area

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