Our Philosophy

At A2 Fitness Professionals, we understand that the pursuit of health and fitness can be confusing and overwhelming. It seems there is always a special program or some type of magical equipment that is being touted as the solution to your wellness needs. You start to realize that it's not easy to decipher contradictory information, conclude with confidence which approach is the truth, or decide what piece of equipment will really work for you.

A television show or informercial expounds about the latest new diet, which is surely destined to set up for failure anyone who happens to follow it. A newspaper article reports the latest exercise trend. Then there's the promise of the four-minute, total body workout. Another promotion attempts to lure you to a program that promises immediate results, with magical new technology that is "research" proven. Will these or any other hooks finally give you the success you've dreamed about, send you to the emergency room, or just leave you disappointed and frustrated one more time?

A2 Fitness Professionals helps you through these challenges by taking the guesswork out of the equation.

What Makes Us Different?

Quite often, attempts at enticement are driven by a marketing plan that doesn't consider your real needs and best interest. And regardless of how wacky or unsafe the program or equipment might be, the irony is that it could even work for a while. That is, until you get bored, dissatisfied, or injured.

From our engaging classes to our personalized fitness training programs, A2 Fitness Professionals gives you an alternative to the mass market, impersonal approach to your fitness and health that you will find so often elsewhere. We work with you every step of the way, helping you set and achieve your goals.

Our Focus

The primary goal of A2 Fitness Professionals personal training staff is to improve the health and fitness of the Greater Ann Arbor community. We strongly believe that this can be achieved by making each and every exercise experience a social, fun, and physically rewarding one. Passionate about our mission, we make sure that each client leaves every class and training session one hundred percent satisfied.

Our dynamic team's impact in the Ann Arbor community doesn't end in the A2 Fitness Professionals studio. We are enthusiastically involved,working with many individual athletes and varsity teams in the local and surrounding area. Demond is also on the board of speakers for active research for The University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center's Community Outreach Program.

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