Pioneer Football, Varsity 2009

Blurb from team Facebook page:

There's something you gotta respect about players, coaches, and trainers who show up at 6 am every Saturday to give their all for their team. That's what's happening at Pioneer, thanks to Coach Gold and trainer Demond Johnson.

"Sarge" Johnson has been with the Army for 18 years and is the fitness trainer for the MI Reserves. He has completed two tours of duty in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Respect, y'all.

He was coming from the heart when they agreed to come and help our team. "Working with the kids is the heart and soul of what we're doing," said Sarge. "We want to help these kids to go on and be successful."

As Coach Gold reminds, "Football is a year round sport. Our players need to understand that their body is their tool. You need to take care of it, and develop it. That's how you win a state championship."

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