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My goal is to make each and every exercise experience social, fun and physically rewarding as you embark on your new health and wellness journey.

  • AFAA, AFPA, IFA certified personal fitness trainer for 12+ years
  • Featured on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”
  • Retired US Army with 20+ years
  • US Army – Master fitness and combatives trainer & weight control program coordinator
  • Lead BJJ trainer A2Fight Club


Director of Operations and Fitness Therapist/Personal Trainer

As a former athlete, I am willing to provide guidance along with the proper training to push all athletes beyond the next level. I will work with anyone desiring to embark on a new health and wellness journey, those interested in losing weight, or those who want to simply build muscular strength and endurance.

Although my specialty is in athletics, I also work with active aging and rehab clients, sports related injury rehabilitation, children of all ages, and those who need additional nutritional advice. My clients also include but are not limited to; obese/diabetic clients, deconditioned individuals, and those just coming out of physical therapy.

As a Fitness Therapist, my clients also include those with traumatic brain injuries, cognitive skills impairment, autism, MS, ataxia, and Parkinson’s.

My training/therapy style allows me to use what I have learned over the years as well as what I’ve experienced through my own personal journey to help you accomplish your goals. I will tailor your program to your specific needs and ensure that we eliminate those nagging exercise related injuries along the way.

Allow me to put the fun back into fitness and show you how it could be an easy process and not the complicated one that keeps you away from achieving your health and wellness goals.

AMANDA COLWELL:  “Washtenaw’s Best Trainer”-2020


ACE Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Therapist, Functional Training Specialist, and Director of Community Outreach

Amanda’s goal is to promote overall health, wellness and longevity through exercise as well as nutrition. Her approach as a fitness professional is not only to challenge you but, also calls for you to challenge yourself.

In addition to helping those looking to lose weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscular strength and endurance, Amanda works with many additional populations. This includes helping those in need of rehabilitation from various injuries to traumatic brain injury and spinal cord rehabilitation as well.

Amanda is willing to work with anyone who is committed to changing their life through exercise and healthy life-style choices. In her role as Director of Community Outreach, she also dedicates her time to community involvement while striving to help as many people as possible.

Amanda was also recognized as Washtenaw’s Best Trainer of 2020!


ACSM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Therapist

After a 30 year career in education, Cameron became a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and has been for over six years. As an experienced personal trainer and former athlete, he can empathize with both the “Weekend Warrior” and the middle aged and older adult who desires to fully enjoy life and maintain independence through great health. Consequently, he has specialized in an “Exercise as Medicine” philosophy, and more specifically, functional fitness and maintaining active daily living skills. This includes not only adapting to the aging process, but to thrive in it! Cameron believes that the key to thriving in the aging process is mitigating muscle waste while losing body fat.

Cameron also has an extensive background in yoga with a focus on balance and core stability.Cameron’s goal is to help develop confidence and enjoyment when it comes to fitness. He focuses on an individual fitness plan to meet your needs and goals and is willing to work with anyone with the right mindset. He understands health and wellness is a tough journey at times but with the right attitude and dedication you can achieve anything.

Through appropriate assessment and goal establishment, an individualized health and fitness program will be developed, meeting the client’s needs in a holistic approach, creating a baseline in fitness and progressing at the rate and pace comfortable to the client

Shane Spires

Personal Trainer & Fitness Therapist

Shanehas been in the health and wellness/rehabilitation field for over 5 years and is willing to work with anyone desiring to make a life change in their health and wellness journey. His background includes working with clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and other significant life altering accidents. He also works diligently with active aging and rehab clients as well as those of you who are seeking healthy eating alternatives to better your wellness.

Shane’s training style is to accommodate your health and wellness needs, develop workouts that fit your fitness goals, and give you just enough of a motivational push to accomplish all goals. His methods include but are not limited to full body training and high intensity interval training along with a focus on balance, stability, and flexibility.

By utilizing his vast knowledge and past personal experience, he can help you to overcome life’s obstacles by using fitness as the tool it was meant to be! His motto is, “you don’t always get what you wish for but, you can surely get what you work for”!


Personal Trainer & Fitness Therapist B.S. Degree Exercise Science

Alison has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Bowling Green State University.  Alison is a former volleyball player and athletic trainer. She specializes in athletic training and sports/rehabilitation and although she has worked in the field for four years, her expertise is nothing short of phenomenal.

Alison’s background also includes working with clients who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and those needing a trainer with a coach-like mentality.

Alison’s methods include weight training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), and full body cardio. She understands that finding a fitness regimen can be challenging but she wants to help you find enjoyment in being active. Alison is ready and willing to work with anyone who wants to improve their health and wellness because what better investment is there than your personal health!