Corporate Health and Wellness (CHW)

Food Choices & CHW Programs

Demond Johnson, Instructor

A2 Fitness Professionals Health and Wellness programs promote weight loss, camaraderie, and team effort. Participants team up and work toward one goal, while still working at their own pace!

Participants exercise using body weight or resistance bands, thereby losing body fat, increasing cardiovascular efficiency, increasing strength, and getting in a routine of regular exercise.

Food and exercise go together. We teach participants about making the right food choices on our field trip, the Grocery Store Tour with A2 Fitness Professionals. Dinig out can be an awesome challenge to stay the course, but we help you select healthy choices so you aren't limited to carrot and celery sticks. Our CHW programs offer a different environment for those exercisers who become bored or can't find time for the gym. Group dynamics motivates individual participants who find comfort in the camaraderie.

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