What's It Like?

"It's always been awesome being in your workout class. We do so many awesome and fun things such as playing soccer, kayaking at Gallup Park, and much, much more. You are always encouraging us to work hard and do our best at things. After the workout class, I feel exhausted, but I also feel like I did my best. I actually feel a lot better after the classes. This class is a super fun class, and I would definitely recommend it to some of my friends. Some of my favorite parts of the class was playing sports such as soccer, kayaking, and catch. One of my favorite workouts that we did was: we stand on a cemicircle and we try to balance while throwing a ball around in a circle. From this class, I gained confidence, strength, balance, and, best of all, learning to try my best. You are a strong, funny, and nice trainer, and I am definentely looking forward to it again."
  Maria Z.

"I have been working with Demond for almost 6 months, both in personal training sessions and in his morning Boot Camp class. I had many personal trainers over the years, and I can honestly say that Demond is the best! He helps you figure out realistic goals and how to meet them, and has an incredible way of motivating you to do things you did not realize you could. He makes you work hard, but he also makes the hard work fun."
  Paula L.

I started going to the gym just to play squash with one of my friends. One day, I saw the boot camp ad, so I decided to give it a try. From the first session, I started to feel like I'm with my family. I continue to experience gains in my strength and flexibility and continue to be motivated to go to the gym. My overall health has improved. Demond is great motivator; he has the distinct ability to push individuals to their limits. Demond's classes are creative, very tough and a lot of fun. He is an AWESOME trainer."
  Neamat E.

"When I first started participating in Demond's boot camp class, I couldn't do one pull up. However, after only a few months of taking his class, I was able to do not only one pull up, but now I can do 8! My next goal is 10! Demond is a great trainer, role model, motivator and leader. If you want a class that will kick your boring routine into high gear, check out Demond's boot camp. You won't be disappointed!"

"I met with a trainer for the first time tonight. It felt awesome, and he was phenomenal. So many exercises I'd never heard of or tried, and more than a few I really liked. Really allowed me to feel strong, but also feel areas that need work, which is great. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow, but right now I feel powerful! Mmmmm....fitness!"
  Heather M.

"I trained 2x's with Demond and attend his boot camp classes. The ab workout he gave me during the personal training sessions has proved invaluable. I do them 6 days a week and I have seen an improvement in my core strength, noticeable by my ability to get up easily from a prone position, no stomach "overhang" on my pants, and by less back problems (I herniated a disk in 2005). Boot camp classes have increased my strength and endurance. I started with struggling to do 2 sets of 10 push ups and can now do 200+ a class, or 4 sets of 25 on my own. Demond is consistently an amazing motivator with a positive attitude and charismatic personality. I always enjoy working out with him!"

"Working with Demond has been a treat. The first time I saw Demond, he was in the weight room doing his own workout. He was fierce looking enough that he intimidated me, not to mention in the most amazing shape that it made me want to step up my own routine. Then, I heard he was going to be leading a boot camp. It was a challenge, still is. But, a nicer person I could not find. His fierceness was replaced with motivating words, encouragement, and a sincerity for all of us in the class. He wanted us to excel. But, don't let me leave out the push-ups. When training with Demond he will always make you do more push ups than humanly possible. Still, it's a challenge I keep coming back for the workout, the motivation he gives me and the energy he extrudes about his passion for working out. He is an awesome trainer, but an even nicer person. Oh yes and as long as I workout with Demond, I know I do not have to worry about becoming weak."
  Michelle C.

"I decided to use a trainer to maximize the benefits from my workout efforts a few years ago. I am a firm believer that a trainer can ensure proper form, a solid exercise program and increase motivation. I love running and lifting but several months ago I found myself at a plateau. The lifting program was becoming too routine and my speed and endurance had stalled during running. I was introduced to Demond through a friend and started a new training program. He was able to take my running and lifting objectives and translate them into a great program that has resulted in big improvements for me. My overall strength during lifting and running is better than ever. I have set two new personal records for myself this year for trail and road half marathons. My endurance and hill climbing ability during runs has reached a point I had doubts about attaining. My current schedule is strength training 2 days and running in a marathon training program the other 5 days of the week. I have increased my overall mileage and maximum run distances by at least 50%. My current mileage is between 50 and 60 miles per week and I am confirmed for my first two full marathons in the fall. Demond has a unique ability to tailor a program for individual goals, extract what motivates each individual and use it to ensure they achieve their goals. I never doubt that I am making progress - I see and feel results from each session."
  Steve H.

"I was not looking to lose weight but was seeking to get in good physical shape and build some muscle definition. I needed a push and some expertise. Demond is a very professional and knowledgeable trainer who understands the power of proper nutrition, weight training and cardio. I did get into good physical shape and gained that muscle definition that I was seeking. What is more, I gained confidence and self esteem.

"Before hiring Demond, I really did not think of myself as an athlete and did not really think that I was capable of very much. Demond helped me to believe in myself because he believed in me. He is a master encourager, who knows just how hard to push me and when to give me a hug! He has a great sense of humor which makes working out with him fun .He goes above and beyond to help his clients. I truly believe that Demond trains from his heart and that it is his desire to see all his clients succeed and meet their personal goals. This is not just a job to him.

"I have gained so much from my experience working with Demond, foremost a friendship and a special bond. I am now doing things that I never thought I would be able to do at the gym. I am proud of my accomplishments and I LOVE the the way I look in a tank top!!!"
  Sharon H.

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